Get CRM, Close More Sales–Here’s How…

It sounds great on the surface. You have a new tool in your business to help your sales team inch the needle forward and grow your business. But how does it all work? How do these features translate into real dollars and cents?

Miros CRM is one of the easiest small business CRMs to use. There are many features that will help you close more sales and help your company profit. Here are eight of the best ways to get more out of your CRM and see the profits roll in.

  1. Become a Magnet for New Leads

Leads are the catalyst to new business. Without them, your sales will flop. Still, in today’s digital age, it’s hard to know when someone is looking at your website. How do you reach them? How can you capture every lead landing on your website so you never miss an opportunity?

This unique feature of your CRM creates an attractive form to put on your website. When a customer fills it out, your CRM automatically collects all the pertinent information. All that’s left for you to do is determine if the lead is qualified and decide how you can convert this prospect into a sale.

  1. Move Leads Through Your Sales Funnel With Finesse

It takes finesse to turn a hot lead into a sale. You want to make it looks seamless as the lead inches through your sales funnel toward signing a final deal with your business.

Miros CRM makes this process effortless for your team. From defining the value of the new business to setting up the necessary activity sets, your team can take full advantage of incoming sales opportunities.

  1. Retain High Paying Customers

Congratulations! You signed a new customer. Now you can kick up your heels and celebrate, right? Not so fast.

Consider the signed contract the sound of the gun at the starting line of a race. You can’t sit at the starting line and not attempt to make it around the track. You still need to run the race and sail through the finish line to win.

Much of the sales process happens after the contract is signed. Customers are spending good money with your business and they want to feel important. It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current customer, so retention is vital.

Nothing helps retain high paying customers better than a strong relationship. Use your online customer relationship management tool to build the connection. Create a communication plan and have an account manager follow up with customers regularly. The more you reach out, the faster you can address any misunderstandings, nipping a potentially harmful situation in the bud.

More importantly, reaching out to check in with your customers shows you care. This isn’t something customers are used to these days. The more you communicate, the more your customers will feel appreciated and respected.

  1. Beat Expectations

Regular communication and outreach is great. Still, one of the fundamental ways you can retain your current customers is by exceeding expectations.

When your customer starts working with your business, he or she is expecting a certain deliverable, wants a seamless experience and wants to be impressed by whatoffer.. If you don’t that customer will go to the competition. If wowed by what you had to offer, he or she will become loyal to your company for the long haul.

Gather customer feedback in Miros CRM and use it to continue improving your product or service. Pay close attention with a goal of learning how you can exceed expectations.

Beating expectations can also lead to more sales. When a customer has a lukewarm response to what you deliverthey move on without thinking much about your business. But, when impressed by what you have to offer, that customer is more likely to tell a network of friends and spread the word about what you did.

  1. Dig Deeper Into Your Customer’s Life

People’s lives are more public than ever these days. Profiles on social networks expose the details a person is the most proud to show off. Tapping into these profiles is customer relationship gold.

With Miros CRM, you’re able to use your contact’s email address to detect every social media profile related to that person. See what your customers are tweeting. See what they’re posting on LinkedIn. Watch their Facebook newsfeeds to see what they find funny, interesting or infuriating.

By keeping a steady pulse on your customers’ public social chatter, you continue to strengthen the relationship and loyalty. When it comes time for your customer to renew with your business, you can bet you’ll win the contract without much effort because you’ve already built such a strong connection.

  1. Always Be Prepared

Sometimes, meetings happen when you least expect them to. You run into a customer at a coffee shop and need to show you’re tuned in to his world. What do you do?

Miros mobile CRM is a lifesaver in these situations. Instead of fumbling through your brain before your first cup of coffee, you can take a quick glance at your notes. You’ll appear genuinely tuned into your customer’s personal and professional life without much effort.

  1. Train Your Team

All of this sounds great, but what happens if your team doesn’t jump on board as quickly? Change is hard. That’s why Miros CRM put together a team of customer success specialists. They’ll walk you and your team through the important steps of setting up your account, training key players on how to use these features and getting everyone up to speed on all of the important features.

The Miros CRM support team takes a hands-on approach so you don’t have to. Consider this your golden ticket to sail past the awkward introduction period and move straight into better sales and support.

  1. Get Detailed Reporting

These features sound great, but how do you know they’ll work for your business?

With Miros CRM data-driven SMB CRM, you can always get the reports and insights you need to see how well your sales and support teams are doing. These reports help you keep a pulse on your current customer relationship status while also helping you identify new opportunities to attract more business moving forward.  You can monitor your business and get answers fast through visually-detailed dashboards that are available across multiple platforms.

At Miros, we offer a CRM used by small and mid-sized businesses from a huge variety of verticals.

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